DVD/CD Player/Video Cassette Recorder

DVD/CD player with Video Cassette Recorder - Unique space saving design combines a DVD/CD player and a Hi-Fi Video

cassette recorder. The DVD disc has much more capacity, but is the same size as the audio CD disc. Picture quality is higher

than Super VHS. Audio quality is higher than audio CD. The DVD PLAYER can play back audio CDs.

High Quality Picture - More than 500 lines (VCR mode: 230 lines) of Horizontal Resolution. It exceeds Super VHS (400

lines) or Laser Disc (430 lines) in resolution.

VCR Section

Stereo/SAP Reception - This VCR is designed to receive stereo and separate audio program (SAP) broadcasts where


4 Video Heads - Provides optimal picture quality for special effects playback.

19mm HEAD - For superior picture quality even in SLP mode, 19micron width technology helps to avoid crosstalk and

boost SLP picture quality to near SP levels. With precision technology, ghosts and color beats are virtually eliminated.

Hi-Fi Stereo Sound - With a frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz and a dynamic range of better than 90dB, this VCR

provides a level of excellence that rivals compact discs.

One-touch Timer Recording (OTR) - Simply by pressing the REC/OTR button, the VCR can be programmed for up to 6

hours of recording with an immediate start.

DVD Section

Compatible with a wide range of DVD audio outputs

Digital Audio Jack (Optical or Coaxial):

When a component with a built-in Dolby Digital decoder is connected, Dolby Digital sound can produce the effect of

being in a movie theater or a concert hall.

Surround standard different from Dolby Digital. This format is already in use in many theaters. By connecting this unit

to a DTS decoder or an AV amplifier with a built-in DTS decoder, the DTS audio of DVD discs recorded in this format

can be enjoyed. However, audio will not be output from the analog audio output jacks.

The MPEG audio of DVD discs recorded in this format can be enjoyed.

The Linear PCM sound of a 48 kHz/16 bit through 96 kHz/24 bit exceeds audio CD sound.

Multi-Language - Since this DVD matches with 124 language-subtitles/-soundtracks, you can enjoy selecting a favorite

one. (You can not select the language that is not recorded on the disc.)

Multi-Angle - Pictures of Sports or a Live Concert are recorded with many cameras. When you play such a disc, you

can change the angles during playback. (If a Multi-Angle is not recorded on the disc, you can not change the angle.)

Repeat Playback - You can repeat chapter, track, title, sides or material between two selected points.

Program/Random Playback (CD) - You can play back tracks in programmed or random-selected sequences.

Zoom - You can zoom in on the selected subject on the screen during playback.

Video Aspect Ratio - You can change the aspect ratio of the screen for your monitor/television on a suitable disc.

Parental Control - You can limit the playback of scenes or sounds of adult DVD discs which have a parental level rating.

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